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Retiring from sport

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Retiring from sport

Before receiving a filled application on retiring from sport, RUSADA is entitled to arrange testing of athletes who are under its jurisdiction and athletes will have a duty to undergo doping control procedure.

Application form

This application form should be printed, filled in, signed and sent to RUSADA.

Resumption of career in sport

If the athlete included in RUSADA’s testing pool at the time of filling in the application decides to resume his/her career in sport, he/she will be able to participate in the competitions not sooner than 6 months after notifying RUSADA about his/her intention to resume career in sport and providing whereabouts to RUSADA to ensure his/her accessibility for testing. 

The athlete, who was in International Federation’s testing pool at the time of filling in the application, must notify his/her International Federation about his/her intention to resume the career in sport, and also to ensure his/her accessibility for testing.

The athlete is entitled to request reduction of this 6 month period where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an athlete, by filling in and sending to RUSADA or International Federation, the form provided below.

Application for renewal of career in sport

Please note that, as the final decision about reducing the ineligibility period is made by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the form in English must be filled in and submitted. The Russian translation is provided only for your reference. 

If sanction in the form of ineligibility was imposed or is to be imposed on the athlete, but the athlete retired from sport until the end of the ineligibility, the athlete is not authorized to participate in sport competitions unless he/she ensures his/her accessibility for testing six months prior to the scheduled date of his/her return in sport or to the period of time remained until the end of the ineligibility period if this period exceeded six months.